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Murtha Jumps the Shark

Ex-Marine Colonel and current leader of the Cowardice Caucus in the House of Representatives, John Murtha has now made the transition from gutless Congressional peace activist to outright laughingstock.  He began his atmospheric rise to liberal icon status by breathlessly intoning the President to immediately withdraw troops from Iraq so that they can be extracted from an Iraqi "civil war".  Not content to merely serve as Defeatist in Chief, Murtha doubled down to be come one of the biggest Blue Falcons in Marine Corps history by prematurely condemning as guilty several of his ex-comrades- Semper Backstabis.  Now from the NRO Media Blog via Allah comes this gem from a CNN interview:

MURTHA: The thing that disturbed me and worries me about this whole thing is we can't get [the administration] to change direction. And I said over and over in debate, if you listen to any of it, in Beirut President Reagan changed direction, in Somalia President Clinton changed direction, and yet here, with the troops out there every day, suffering from these explosive devices, and being looked at as occupiers — 80 percent of the people want us out of there — and yet they continue to say, "We're fighting this thing." We're not fighting this. The troops are fighting this thing. That's who's doing the fighting.

By the way, this subject has actually come up before.  bin Laden recalls the moment that his movement gained the confidence to take on the United States:

"After leaving Afghanistan, the Muslim fighters headed for Somalia and prepared for a long battle, thinking that the Americans were like the Russians," bin Laden said. "The youth were surprised at the low morale of the American soldiers and realized more than before that the American soldier was a paper tiger and after a few blows ran in defeat. And America forgot all the hoopla and media propaganda ... about being the world leader and the leader of the New World Order, and after a few blows they forgot about this title and left, dragging their corpses and their shameful defeat."

The move by Clinton in 1993 to evacuate Somalia following the "Blackhawk Down" battle where American Rangers and Delta Force operators killed several hundred Somalis while losing only 18 soldiers is widely acknowledged as a seminal moment in the evolution and elevation of Al Qaida as the most significant terrorist organization in the history of the world.  That is not to say that Reagan did us any favors by pulling out of Beirut in 1984, but fortunately the jihadis were busy with the Soviets and not focusing on the US. 

Murtha's invocation of this event as an example for future US foreign policy decision-making demonstrates a lack of perspective that is so completely absurd that it defies logic.  It is so shockingly wrong that if you didn't know who was saying such a thing you would have to conclude the man was joking.  And therefore any American leader who would say such a thing, by definition is himself a joke.