The Zarqawi Operation: Murtha Style
David Bellavia - Hero Goes Back to Iraq

Murtha admits he has become the enemy

Update: I do these rants unscripted with a bunch of ideas I would like to discuss, after that I just launch. I mentioned MSG Tim Martin, who died in Mogadishu, and that he had been on the Desert One raid when Delta tried to rescue the hostages that the Mullahs took in Iran, when I mentioned his presence in Somalia I said it was to maybe kill a warlord. That was a bad characterization, because the mission was to capture a warlord and his role in the end was helping rescue downed pilots. Disclosure: MSG Martin was a Team Sergeant in Oki when I was a serial-violating cherry and most of the times we drank beer involved him lecturing me on my numerous shortcomings.

It's almost a full time job for our crack editorial team here at Blackfive just to report on each instance of Rep. Murtha making a WTF? statement. Froggy got him from Meet the Press this morning proving he is either astonishingly stupid regarding the capabilities of our military or just willing to say anything. He got Matty O' bangin' on him here, and the king of running away gets a little Uncle J love for all his foolishness.