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David Bellavia - Hero Goes Back to Iraq

First, I'll be talking about David Bellavia in an hour on Pundit Reveiw Radio as Someone You Should Know.  As Beth at My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy reminds us, I once said David was badder than John-freakin'-Wayne.  In my defense, he is one tough but eloquent warrior.  As a Staff Sergeant in the Big Red One, David did some amazing things.  Things for his troops and things for you and I.  His heroics in the Battle of Fallujah (#2) saw him nominated for the Medal of Honor.

And many of you will know his Commanding Officer - Captain Sean Sims - who gave his life three days later.  Alpha Company of Task Force 2-2 was full of heroes.

David joined and is the Vice Chairman.  Here's more about VFF:

Vets for Freedom was founded by a group of Iraq and Afghanistan War veterans who believe in the mission of freedom in the Global War on Terror, but who have become frustrated with the way the operation has been politicized and reported to the home front. 

In 2006, this group of veterans, enlisted personnel, and officers decided to take action. The result was the creation of Vets for Freedom, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote the unbiased, nonpartisan truth of military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, to educate the public and mobilize public support for the Global War on Terror.

The founders and members of Vets for Freedom have witnessed the firsthand events, both the successes and failures, of the wars in Iraq Afghanistan and beyond.  While their voice has largely been ignored by many policymakers and the media, they have earned the right to be heard and will use this organization to lend their insights to this worthy cause.

Now, David and VFF Founder Wade Zirkle (a Marine vet of Iraq) are back in Iraq to see how things are going for themselves.  Here's the URL to their blog and here's a taste of a post from David today:

...I am continually awed by the complete attention to detail and the spit/polish of the men and women who represent our nation through this military.  Hanging out with journalists you tend to overhear all the belly aching and complaints leveled toward 22 year old privates, who have about as much to do with why planes are late as they do with why your tent's air conditioner broke down last night.  Still the unwashed complain and the young soldiers apologize and smile.  At one point in my life I was on the other side of that complete disconnect and I was the one smiling and apologizing.  Today I appreciate that the Army I left is a better one today.  And the Army my son will serve in will be even better tomorrow.

I find more and more the morale is lower with the media and the civilian contractors then with the soldiers.   Soldiers laugh and joke with friends.  The grumbling I hear, and I hear it daily, are with things so inconsequential that it is insulting to share with those who deal with day to day suicidal zombies and whack jobs...

Make sure to bookmark VFF's blog as we'll hear a lot more about Iraq.  David and Wade are two Warriors who are sick of the media and are uniquely qualified to evaluate how we are doing.