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Jim Baen RIP

David Drake has a post you should read. Over the years Jim has given me encouragement, a couple of swift kicks, and been kind enough to tell me when my writing sucked. Directly or indirectly he has bought me dinner and drinks. What makes him truly special is that he did it for so many, and in the process has made the universe of fiction a far richer and more wonderful place. Jim has helped blaze a profitable and rewarding trail into this new electronics age, showing how it should be done. He rescued military science fiction and helped it thrive, and never forgot those who served in reality -- not surprising, nor is the fact that he served in the Army.

My thoughts go out to Jessica, Katherine, Toni, and the rest of the family; to Marla and those in the office; and, to all those in the much larger Baen Family of authors, readers, and leaders. Please keep them all in your thoughts and prayers.

Thank you Jim, for all of it. You will be missed, but your legacy lives on and, thanks to your foresight, will shine on for some time to come.


UPDATE: From the Baen site:

Toni Weisskopf and Dave suggest that people who wish to make a memorial donation purchase copies of THE WORLD TURNED UPSIDE DOWN and donate them to libraries or teenagers of their acquaintance.