Burning in Hell Right Now...
One Down...

I hate to have a positive attitude...but

First we get this joyous tidbit with coffee about the Zarkman heading for his 72 goats, and then once I finish dancing my jig I sit back down and read that the Iraqi government has seated it's last two ministers. So now the most evil Al-Qaeda scumbag operating in Iraq is a martyr which is some definitely needed good news, but coupled with an actual government this is a wicked double whammy.

I am really enjoying the thought of all the news rooms and offices where the anti crowd is kicking their feet and muttering "don't mean nothing no how". Sure...right...just another false milestone in the quagmire, nothing to see here, move along.

Now of course this couldn't just be reported on without injecting a shot of defeatist bilge to take the luster off.

"By SINAN SALAHEDDIN, Associated Press Writer
33 minutes ago

BAGHDAD, Iraq -        Iraq's parliament on Thursday approved three new key ministers, including a Sunni Arab to head the defense ministry, as violence left at least 19 people dead and 40 wounded, according to police. "

I actually find this need to be "fair and balanced" comical this time. I mean if that is what it takes for old Salad Head to get his ass out of bed in the morning then OK. You keep on slinging the death buddy, 'cuz the Iraqis are MovingOn.

Hey didn't a whole bunch of Talibani weasels just get whacked trying to set up in Afghanistan just last week? We and the Afghanis killed 500 or so and I hope we have drones buzzing overhead as the others limp back to Pakistan. I mean it wouldn't suck to backtrack them to OBL and isn't there an Egyptian doctor who ought to be looking over his shoulder too?

Ah well I figger we can enjoy this one today even though the quagmire crows will be squawking about carnage trying to drown the good news out. But the nice thing about all those satellite dishes all over Iraq is that they don't just pick up Al-Jazeera, heck some of 'em even get FOX. Now let's see the Iraqis raise up and start putting the smackdown on the rest of the Baathist dirtbags mucking their world up, dial 1 800 whack-a-mole.