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Highway to Hell - Video of Sheikh Mansur Nailed by Coalition Aircraft

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On Friday June 16, key Al-Qaeda in Iraq Senior Leader, Mansur Sulayman Mansur Khalif (Al-Mashadani) -- also known as Sheikh Mansur – was killed by Coalition Forces, south of Yusifiyah. Also killed was Abu Tariq, a terror cell leader and foreign fighter facilitator who operated around Yusifiyah. Coalition Forces initially targeted a vehicle with three terrorists, including Sheik Mansur. The terrorists attempted to flee immediately after becoming aware of security forces approaching. Coalition forces then engaged and killed the three terrorists. Two other terrorists were detained in the area without resistance. Sheikh Mansur was a key Iraqi leader in Al-Qaeda in Iraq with excellent religious, military, and leadership credentials within the network. He was tied to senior leadership, including Abu Musab Al- Zarqawi and Abu Ayyub Al-Masri. His death will significantly impact Al-Qaeda in Iraq’s ability to re-organize around charismatic leaders. Sheikh Mansur was an Iraqi, approximately 35-37 years old, who received religious training in Jordan in the 1990s. Until his capture by Multi-National Forces in July 2004, he worked for Ansar Al-Islam and Ansar Al-Sunna as the religious emir. He joined Al-Qaeda in Iraq after his release in the fall of 2004 and at the time of his death was believed to be the religious emir of AQI for all of Iraq.

This is B-roll from a gun camera of Coalition Forces firing on a car containing Al-Qaeda in Iraq Senior leader Sheikh Mansur and three terrorists. Scenes include aerial footage of terrorists getting into a car, driving along a road and being fired upon by Coalition Forces.

Tangos down at about the 35 second mark...I'm on vacation, otherwise I'd put AC/DC's Highway to Hell as the soundtrack: