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Good Thoughts Needed For Jim Baen

I found out this morning that Jim Baen, founder of Baen Books, has suffered a stroke and is in ICU. If you log into Baen's Bar through the previous link, there is a new "Waiting Room" forum that has been established for news and for sending thoughts to Jim, his family, and the greater family of authors, readers, and fans.

Jim has earned the ire of the leftest literati by giving a home to, and making a living from, science fiction that held to plot, fact, characters, and messages other than the party line. Most especially, Jim has given a home and life to military science fiction, oft written by those who have seen the elephant. Jim and Baen Books have supported the troops on many levels and in many ways, including sending the latest and greatest out to the troops. The legions of Barflies have joined in, sending books and more in care packages to those serving on land, sea, or air.

Jim's emergency plans have been implemented, and now it is time for ours. Please keep Jim and the Baen Family in your thoughts and prayers in the days ahead.