NY Times- Floggings or a Scarlet T?
"Sympathy is not what I do..."

Flag Burning can be fun for everyone

I come out today one hundred percent opposed to an amendment banning flag burning. I see no reason to abridge the freedom of speech of anyone, even clowns who think doing this elevates their point. It doesn't, it shows their lack of respect and shabbiness of character. But it shouldn't be unconstitutional to be a loser, anymore than it should be unconstitutional to print cartoons of Mohammed, or piss-Christ, or any other kind of jackassery. We hold dear the right of every American to howl at the moon about the Joooos, or the A-rabs, or corporate thieves. And as long as they don't threaten anyone, they can have a grand old time. The KKK earned itself a free speech time out on cross burning because of their reprehensible habit of lynching blacks. The cross burning conveyed that message and was therefore a threat. I hardly think the pitiful mewlings of the dirty, nasty, patchouli-smelling hippies who occasionally roast Old Glory puts the fear of Gaia in any of us.

So cut the electioneering BS and do something useful like securing our borders, or cutting spending, or abolishing the Dept. of Education.

Hey while you clowns are itching to do something, why don't you just decriminalize beating the crap out of flag burners? I mean everybody wins there, the hippies get to show the depths of their disgust for Amerikkka, the rest of us get to lay down some serious beatdowns, and the media gets an excellent, video-friendly story. I told you I was a uniter, and a decider.