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Dirka, Dirka, Mohammed, Jihad - Hadji Girl - Part II

See Uncle Jimbo's post below.

I received the original video "Hodji Girl" (that was the title) back in early March from a Corpsman who thought that Corporal Joshua Belile was hilarious.  I sent it around to my friends with the caveat not to post it so Belile wouldn't suffer the wrath of the humorless asshat sycophants in charge of the military or suffer the unbelievable media bias that is now occurring.

I'm certain that Joshua and the Sweater Kittenz will be fine through this...there are probably agents all over them now to get a deal.

But if this goes down badly for Joshua, I say we start a defense fund for the guy.

CAIR can kiss my @$$.

"Dirka, Dirka
Mohammed, Jihad
Sherpa, Sherpa

Marine Corps Times story on the whole "controversy"...

Update:  Donkey Cons has more.