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Deeds, Not Words

"Buzzard's Gotta Eat, Same as the Worm..."

Right after 9/11, I began to have this daydream that I was still on active duty in the Teams and had been tasked with my platoon to search an Afghan village for UBL.  In my daydream, my platoon assaulted the village and having prevailed against the taliban protecting him, we took UBL into custody.  At that point in the dream, I turned to the platoon commander and told him to take a seat in the shade with the platoon Chief while the boyz handled things with our new prisoner...

I'm starting to have those kind of daydreams again with the Zarkman, and this one is something along the lines one of my favorite scenes from the movie "Outlaw Josey Wales".  Josey had just shot two bounty hunters trying to capture him, and as they lay dying in the dirt his partner asks if they should bury them.  Josey replies, "Buzzard's gotta eat same as the worm," as he spits a mouthful of tobacco on one of his opponent's forehead.

I can see in my mind's eye, a salty First Class Petty Officer SEAL from TF 145 standing over Zarqawi, writhing in pain on the litter, smirking with pleasure at the suffering of a murderous animal and spitting a mouthful of Copenhagen in his eye causing him to roll off.  "Don't let the Gates of Hell hit you in the a$$ $hitbag," he might have said.

Froggy OUT