Amazing Re-Enlistment
Haditha "Reporter" and Zarqawi Lieutenant, Related?

BUD/S Class 259

A few weeks ago, my dad and I were in San Diego on a business trip and I decided to give him the dime tour of the Naval Special Warfare facilities in Coronado.  At the end of our tour we noticed a brand new BUD/S class carrying their IBS' (Inflatable Boat, Small) out to the beach for some night IBS surf passage.  I was surprised at just how many students were in that class (193) and we spent an hour watching them attempt to paddle those boats out through 6-8 foot surf and chatting with some of my former platoonmates who are now instructors. 

It was a very inspiring sight watching these young men aspiring to become Frogmen during a time of war.  But like all BUD/S classes, only the truly committed will make the cut.  Today's Washington Post profiles the class we watched during their first week of training and reports that by the end of the third week, only 79 remained.