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Another Soldier's Life and the Stories Behind It

SGT Terry Lisk fell in Ramadi. Here is a story about his return from that place. Here is a story about how the 1st Armored Division is supporting the 101st Air Assault in controlling Ramadi. It mentions SGT Lisk's demise as well.

PFC Kristian Menchaca was also laid to rest today. PFC Thomas Lowell Tucker will be laid to rest tomorrow. Their personal stories are here and here, and here and here.

These stories tell us that the war will continue against Iraqi insurgents and against evil men from al Qaeda affiliated organizations, and those who believe the way to send a signal to America is to separate an infidel's head from his neck. No one knows how this will end, but a betting man would probably not bet against GEN Casey and Prime Minister Maliki's plans. The race is not always to the strongest or the swiftest, but that's generally the way to bet.

These stories also show us something about the young Men involved in this war, serving Freedom's side. In all three of these cases, it appears these young Men had hard lives before joining the Army. They suffered, had scrapes with the law (not serious ones), or played teenage pranks on their friends which might have been disapproved of by many. They all three loved the Army. They were all good kids. PFC Tucker was a bit of a rebel until recently, according to his father, who said he had some problems to overcome, asked his Dad for advice, and the course of working through those problems were some of the best times Mr. Tucker had with his wonderful son. They all served willingly despite knowing that their fate could lead to bloodshed, torture, death and sorrow. Some left grieving families, and some may not have. And they all showed more courage than a reporter from the NY Times or Washington Post will ever have.

But they all had someone who would remember them for who they were, for the fine bravery and example they gave, and for the outstanding young Men they were. Because I will remember them fondly, and will do so long after they have been laid to rest.

And now you will too.

Subsunk out.