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An email from LT Watada

Reader and MP Officer Michael (ID yourself in the comments if you wish) sends his email exchange with my favorite method actor Ehren Watada. At least he is a consistently wrong maroon. I removed identifiers from the email

1LT Watada,

I just read about your refusal to deploy with the men and women of
your unit.    Perhaps you forgot but when you raised your right
hand and swore to obey the orders of those appointed over you, there was no caveat that said "as long as I agree with them".   

You are a commisioned officer of the United States Army. That title brings responsibilities, responsibilities you have chosen to shirk.  You will of course get  your 15 minutes of fame and can probably join the Cindy Sheehan tour this summer that is if you are not sittling in Leavenworth.  Lest you take me for a "ChickenHawk", I served for 12 months in theatre as the S4 of a military Police Bn, 10 of those in Baghdad and Balad Iraq.  I found it to be one of the most rewarding years of my life and should I be told to do so, will go again.  I suggest you think long and hard about your next step as it will seriously impact the rest of your life.


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To   06/08/2006 07:06          Michael XXXXXXXXXX            
Subject  Re:                                 
Dear Sir,

I'm sorry you feel the way you do.  But the fact is, I do remember what
I swore upon my oath of office: to protect and defend the Consitution
against all enemies foreign and domestic.  The oath of an officer says nothing of obeying the unlawful orders of the President.  Even though your experience was rewarding, it gives no credence to the legality of the war and occupation.  Please sir, before you respond read the numerous articles by international and Consitutional law experts regarding the Iraq war.  It takes a simple Google search.  Read the accounts of Iraqis, vets, andindependent journalists who may not have been in your same AO.  The responsibility of an officer is to evaluate the legality and  truthfulness behind every order.  We cannot blindly accept every order, especially one to go to war, based on faith and what our "political" leaders tell us. Many Germans went along with the Nazi's idea of racial superiority or because they were afraid of prison or execution if they didn't.  Real leadership means first realizing what's wrong, finding everything there is to know about it, and finally acting upon it.

Because all those jack-booted thugs obeying orders are simply getting oil to fire up the furnaces. Hey wait, I thought the Jews were running things, who are we burning?