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Admin Notes - Comment and Trackback Spam Filter

Just returned from a business conference to find lots of people have been blocked from commenting because of my Comment Spam filter.

Question:  Why is this happening?

Answer:  (1) Russian spammers have been hitting with about 50-200 spam trackbacks and comments per day.  These tend to be of the "adult" only variety that get by my filters for various reasons.  Keep in mind that many of the families of the soldiers that I write about read the posts about their loved ones and see the trackbacks and comments.  (2) In order to reduce the amount of admin time I spend on this blog, I added a few key words to block the spam.  Many of the key words are anatomy or sex crime related, but several others are financial (like mortgage, credit, etc.).  I'll bite the bullet and remove the financial ones as that seems to have been the culprit in many of the cases of comment blocking.