I hate to have a positive attitude...but
Zarqawi Strike Media - "500 pound bomb, meet Zarqawi"

One Down...

    "Good morning.  Last night in Iraq, United States military forces killed the terrorist al Zarqawi.  At 6:15 p.m. Baghdad time, special operation forces, acting on tips and intelligence from Iraqis, confirmed Zarqawi's location, and delivered justice to the most wanted terrorist in Iraq." - President George Bush


Adios, Asshole!

"Welcome to Hell, here's your Pineapple..."

See Froggy's and Jimbo's posts below for more...follow the trackbacks.

Side note:  Special Operations forces are probably not celebrating, exploiting intel, and moving on to other targets.  Good hunting...

Predictions:  (1) Lefties will downplay this. (2) Frank J. will be making fun of Zarqawi...watch for the t-shirts...