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The following is why we have comments. I will step aside as this gentleman makes his case in mighty fine fashion.

Comment below written by: Nolan School

A Marine for life. That’s me, I’m a pain in the ass about it. Got the metallic sticker, got lapel pins, and now…I’ve got some problems with the Marine leadership in and around the Beltway and Pentagon area. Serious Questions….I reflect on it now and questions abound.

Maybe Harry Truman was right, he never teed-off on the Marines per se, just the brass-hats that ground their regiments and divisions into pulp on Pelelieu, Iwo and Okinawa and painted it red white and blue. Do we need a Marine Corps? Good God, what a question and how it seems to come back around the ass-end of every war or in between them. Tough question, more than a question.

I am…A Marine for life. Two sons in… two young men NEVER entered any branch of the American military without a stronger warning as to what was ahead of them. You have to WANT to be a Marine. Once you are in, YOU ARE the Marine Corps.

It is one man's opinion but my feelings go like this; if we are planning on developing a politically correct Marine Corps, fold the tents. If we expect our warriors to be more PR-sensitive, who needs a Warrior Cult anyway?

In the corporate world what is now happening in the current crop of brass hats is referred to as tossing people under the bus to deflect focus on their own shortcomings.

Somebody with stars needs to look the press in the eye and inform them with a little guts that "The Marines will handle their problems and until things have been worked out to the Corps' satisfaction all the press-weasels can just go defecate into their chapeaus"....not likely in the emerging mentality of general officers.

The treatment of the as-yet-uncharged Marines at Camp Pendleton, the sadly comic persecution of a Cpl letting off steam at Al Asad or some other shit hole...too much. Loyalty and devotion is a two-way street. I do not see it in the current Marine Corps Leadership. Toss that air-wing NCO under the bus…he wasn’t at Haditha but he’ll do.

My experience watching my own sons in the Corps over the last four years has been both inspiring and deflating. There exists a gap in leadership that is mystifying to me, almost a tendency to disenfranchise the NCO's at the most critical level, Cpl & Sgt, from making it happen. I have watched my sons go to war ill-equipped...I ended up getting a discount from Sure-Fire because I sent a gross of batteries on a regular basis...and I've watched them pay out of their own pockets for the life-sustaining "non-issue" stuff that the need to live in a combat zone. I watched them do Nasiriyah, Fallujah, several tours apiece and they served with honor and have already given their professional opinion that if the dudes did the crime, they had been taught and trained better, burn them. IF THEY ARE CONVICTED. Has the brass convicted them already? Murtha said they did. Waiting on the next announcement from the Liberal Left as we speak.

At the end of the day it comes down to this; I see nobody acting like they have the tiniest set of balls in Marine leadership. Maybe a non-PC Marine General or Colonel will show up with stars and the desire to get people to back the f*** off until the facts are presented.

The Marine Corps has changed...some of it good and some of it is so bland you can't recognize it anymore in a lot of ways...but it’s still a pretty Damn Good Marine Corps…not that bunch of nuts that were taught to proudly be killers back “in the day”.

Once upon a time I received a rocker, early for a young man in an elite arm. Several of us were promoted that day and a Lt. Col made a remark that stuck with me forever. I'm sure it comes from the USMC great comments book...but I'll repeat it as best I can recall across forty years.

“Why is there a United States Marine Corps? When you think about it there no longer exists the true need for a Marine Corps. The Navy has its own special ops, the Army can adapt to amphibious work (they did so in WW II often), and the Air Force has all the planes and helicopters in the world. Ships in the Navy no longer have to have armed men keeping conscripted sailors in the rigging.

Why then?

The United States Marine Corps exists because the AMERICAN PEOPLE have decided that they want and need a United States Marine Corps. It is our job to continue to develop the finest fighting men possible in the world to continue our creed and mission and it is your job, the SNCO's and NCO's here in this room…your express duty to lead these men and make sure we exist on merit, honor, and a sense of duty that is second to none.

It is our job as officers to stand up for you, support you, and give you the guidance to accomplish the sacred trust given to Our Corps by the American people.”

So…Who is standing up for this Air-Wing Cpl venting for the amusement of his buddies on a night after another 16 hour day of working on forty year old helicopters in the sun at 115 degrees? Weasel Words from HQMC…double-speak ignoring the tone, intent and place of the alleged crime of being Non-PC in a war zone.

Somebody had better stand up for Cpl Bellile, I have read the damn lyrics and the ROE were followed to the letter. If the round passes my head, sumbitches are DEAD.

There is no violation here, just the detritus, flotsam and jetsam inherent in a FREE SOCIETY in the era of the internet and cameras that fit into you first aid kit on your war-gear. Get off this Cpl’s back right away, we’ll handle this. No more song-writing in an era when Marines are shooting people in a war zone of 360 degrees. Understood?

I prayed that my Grunt son would get the hell out of Iraq before this war went static and we started crucifying combat assault troops for not being PC in an era when warfare fades into a shooting-gallery syndrome when troops are no longer on the attack. Iraq is largely static, ask the Marines about how they've had teams of Snipers slaughtered like sheep because the leaderships has permitted daily tasks involving strong men armed to develop a standard routine and pass the initiative to the bad guys. wound up.

A Marine for Life, a grunt, later an Intell type, I was in the Honor Guard at 8th & I when the first "Ex-Marine" was created. Lee Harvey Oswald shot a president and became that first Ex-Marine.

Now we have two Ex-Marines with John Murtha…Congressional pal of the Brass Hats and BS Briefings that toss the junior Marines under the media and congressional bus before they are charged...much less convicted.

If there is a plan to build a PC Marine Corps, can I please have my two Marine NCO's back? They didn’t sign up for this crap. I would not have permitted it. If you are going PC, I don't want them in it anymore.

Corporal Bellile had better be given an ass-chewing for the timing of his fifteen minutes of fame and be sent back to the barracks red-assed and wiser. His apology and regret statement was the ONLY DAMN show of Marine toughness and honesty I've seen lately, thank god for Cpls.
The Leadership of the Marine Corps had better step up to the plate and show some guts or there will be three or four "Ex-Marines" around. NO article 32's, no record book BS.

Marine Corps will weather this storm by dumping the platitudes and political correctness, by insisting on due process and by treating their young Marines with dignity and performing corrective measures up the chain of command and right back down it to the troops.

I firmly and sincerely believe that a well-placed “Kiss My ASS...sir...”is a legitimate response for a Marine of 38 years honorable service to one's country when dealing with zealous weasels who want to keep slamming the Military in general and the Marine Corps specifically right now.

Respectfully submitted...

A True Believer, Marine for Life

15 June 2006