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Washington Post Anti-War Reporter *gasp* Slams "Home of the Brave"

I'm talking about Ann Tyson.  The first few paragraphs of her review of Home of the Brave are complimentary and then decends into nitpicking because she doesn't hold the same views as Cap Weinberger and Wyn Hall.

Book Falls Short in Honoring Unsung Heroes
...The book further detracts from these otherwise compelling stories by framing them with claims that the mainstream U.S. media and, to a degree, the public have turned against the troops themselves. The authors cite the controversy over today's wars and imply that it extends into opposition to those who serve. They contend, with little evidence, that the U.S. media are "intensely hostile" to those who serve and have turned "their rhetorical guns on the men and women of our armed forces" and that they and the public "oppose the sacrifices being made by America's armed forces."...

Now, Ann, where would anyone get the idea that the MSM is anti-war/anti-military?

Hhhmmmm.  I think Andi knows.

Here's my original review, which now I think should have been a stronger recommendation...