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Uncle J TV "In the Crosshairs- Atwar Bahjat's Killers"

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I read this at Mudville and was ill for a bit. I wanted to hide my head and pretend that people who could torture and kill a fellow human in this fashion don't exist.

But they do, and soon the illness passed and the anger replaced it. Barbarity must not go unopposed, so I decided to put the reticle on the killers of Ms. Bahjat. I assumed they are Sadaam's thugs because of the professionalism they displayed in their torture. I mean using the drill on a living victim, 10 times each leg and then the eye is good, but then to cut the throat and stomp on the body to make the blood pulse out. Now there is the sign of a professional, heck the guy probably was a foreman at one of Sadaam's torture facilities.

So here is a video rant asking the rest of the Sunnis to make a simple choice, join free Iraq by no longer sheltering the Baathist killers, or die alongside them as Iraqi Security Forces take the lead.

In the Crosshairs- Atwar Bhajat's Killers

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