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What happens when you try to rob a former Marine?

The Speech John Murtha Should Give

The following text was inspired by Commenters Jordan and Synova.  This fictional speech is just something that I would hope a lawmaker and former-Marine like Jack Murtha would say about Haditha:

My name is Jack Murtha and I'm here to talk about the alleged massacre of Iraqi civilians in the city of Haditha.

Here in America, we have a system of justice with the precept that you are innocent until proven guilty.  I fight for this system every day in the halls of congress.

As a Marine veteran, I fought for my country alongside of some of the best that America has to offer.  I'm still a Marine at heart and I have confidence in the Marines' capability to investigate the allegations. 

To Marines around the world, I give you my word - if these men are innocent, they will be cleared - and if they are guilty, they will be punished to the fullest extent of the law.  Marines would expect no less from our fair system of justice.

As a key member of the House, I'm privy to more information about this alleged crime than most Americans.  To the media, I will not allow you to use me for your anti-victory agenda.  I didn't agree with the invasion of Iraq and I don't agree with the President's agenda, policy, or party about Iraq.  I would like us to withdraw immediately.

However, I will not allow my words to be broadcast around the world to be used against us - to, in fact, recruit more terrorists or cause more Marine deaths.  I will not allow my words to be used to undermine the good work of hundreds of thousands Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, Sailors and Coastguardsmen.

Let us wait for the investigation to be completed.  If the investigation produces enough evidence against Marines, then charges will be filed and a court martial will begin.  We must let our justice system take it's course.

Let us show the world how our democracy works.  After all, justice is what we want in the Middle East.

Thank you.

Semper Fi,

The Hon. John Murtha