Memorial Day, Part 2
Memorial Day - Video Tributes

Thank You Fort Benning Drill Sergeants...

...for if it wasn't for you, Jesse MacBeth would have been a soldier.  This Bud's for you!

Background on Jesse MacBeth here.

McQ at QandO has more - His DD214 shows a discharge before completing training and entering the Army.  He couldn't cut it.  Of course, Uncle Jimbo saw through the thinly veiled facade, too.

Possibly the one mistake I made was just labeling the photo of Jesse in *cough* uniform as "laughable" - meaning that just about any vet would know the guy was a fake.  I almost blew off the whole debate because I thought it was just TOO apparent.  Of course, that was not the case as Jesse was quickly becoming the poster boy for the anti-war extreme left wing...but why would they embrace such an obvious fake?

Now Greyhawk at MilBlogs makes the excellent point that the IVAW (Iraq Vets Against the War) is taking a page from the John Kerry Playbook:

...No veteran could fail to spot MacBeth as a phony - it took about 3 seconds. But IVAW couldn't do it until after he was outed by milbloggers.

Draw your own conclusions.

Update: Here's an IVAW video on YouTube featuring other members of that organization confessing to war crimes. None of the guys actually killed civilians, they just heard about others who did. That's why Jesse appealed so strongly to them - he not only said he'd actually seen crimes committed, he said he killed children himself. And the script that Jesse and these guys are following is that the standing orders were to shoot anything that moves after an IED attack. Their purpose is to establish that the Marines were acting under orders from "on high"...

This is exactly why I said that MilBlogs will ensure "No more Vietnams..." at the MilBlog conference in DC last month.  "No more Vietnams" in the sense that we won't let the new John Kerry(s) lie and attempt to destroy an entire generation of veterans, the honorable mission of freeing Iraq and Afghanistan, and the legacy of our efforts.