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Spy vs. Spy- Civilian or military control?

First make sure to read Grim's post below, when he gets worried, I get worried. Spyvspy Heck and Matt's got a couple need to reads also.

Now some Spy games:

W seems to relish the idea of a discussion of our Intel capabilities, past and present, since nominating Gen. Hayden will certainly give us that.

Hayden was instrumental in the NSA surveillance program that caused the media/left to lose it's mind. His elevation to CIA Director is a shot across the bow of all those who howled about that, almost a dare to them to denounce a program most Americans strongly support. Other than lonely Russ Feingold, none of our Senators seem inclined to ask the President to stop the program, they just wanted to cover their left flank.

One issue that has come up and will receive considerable play is civilian control of Intel. Ignoring the fact that we have had 5 heads of CIA who were serving military, apparently the "current circumstances" require a civilian leader. That may or may not be necessary, but let's discuss it.

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