Operation Perish Hilton: A New Chance To Ask Questions
It's Beginning to Look alot Like Kristallnacht

Operation Perish Hilton - The Commander's Intent


Attention on the net!  This is Blackfive.  Commander's Intent follows...

A lot of people have been asking what can you do to help Hal and Marty of Fran O'Brien's, what can you do to change things, what outcome do you want from all of this?

Please see this Blackfive post for my particular feelings about the whole ordeal.  Also, see the post below this one from Laughing Wolf pointing to the Omnibus (which has a recent response from the Hilton).

What can we do?

Well, even if we got the Hilton to play ball with Hal and Marty, I'm not sure if they'd want to ever work with the Hilton again.  Would you?

So, I can tell you what I intend to do and I'm going to ask for your help.  You might think that you won't have an impact but, please, bear with me for a moment.  This is something that we, as military supporters, veterans, and serving soldiers have down to a science...to some, it's akin to unconventional warfare (which is suited to many authors here at B5).  Hugh Hewitt would call it a BlogswarmGlenn Reynolds would call it an Army of Davids.  Maybe we could also identify our action as exhibiting Small Sphere's of Influence.

But here on Blackfive, we have a category all our own that is the most appropriate label...


In my civilian capacity, I'm the senior IT executive of a medium-sized but very well connected company.  I'm also on the board of directors of a few research organizations as well.  Last year, my company held a conference at the Hilton and Towers in Chicago for 3,000 of our peers for a week.  I approved the RFP that the Hilton won for about $500,000.   And figure in 3,000 people for six nights at $159 per night and many cocktails at Kitty O'Shea's and...well, you get the idea of how much that conference was worth to the Hilton.

I will never do business with the Hilton again.

I am a relatively *ahem* young guy, figure about 25 more years as a CIO in possibly greater positions of influence.

I will never do business with the Hilton again.

Now, factor in my contacts and peers and friends who I'll advise against doing business with the Hilton.  I'll probably do that for the next 30 or so years.

Many of you are in similar positions.  And many of you can help with letters to the editor of your hometown papers, contacting media, telling your family and friends about this.

I advise and sit on the committees of a few very large professional organizations and I have a large network of peers that I am going to tell, "I will never do business with the Hilton again."  I'll have no problem outlining why I won't ever set foot in a Hilton and I'll give the Hilton's side of the story, too, because most people I know will understand the statements of the Hilton for what they are - a PR spinmeister's smokescreen.

And, factor in all of you and your professional organizations.  How many of you are lawyers?  Quite a few by my estimate.  The American Bar Association is the largest professional association in the world.  How about sending a letter to retiring President Bob Stein and the Board of the ABA to not hold any more conferences at the Hilton.

How many of you are members of the AMA, VFW, American Legion, Rotary, etc.?  That's just the tip of the iceberg to the Hilton's Titanic.  The ever supportive Big John of AdoptASoldier had this to say:

As a veteran I an trying to get the VFW and the DAV to stop using the Hilton Chain for conventions and conferences.
I am one vet who will never stay nor attend any events at a Hilton for life!
Call the leadership and let them know your opinion as well!

Get the picture?

I don't expect that we'll have an impact right away on the Hilton.  But I fully intend to have an impact over the long haul.  A. Big. Impact.  This is no boycott.  This is a way to influence the decisions of everyone doing business with the Hilton for the next few decades.

In the Comments, let me know what you think about this.  For those who are going to say it's all perfectly legal for the Hilton, I would point you back to my linked post at the beginning of this post and say that what I intend to do is also legal.  It's every bit about Capitalism as it is about sending a message to the corporate hacks at the Hilton.  More soon - we just getting started.  I'll need everyone's help with contacting their organizations and the media about this.

I will never do business with the Hilton again.

Blackfive, Out.


[Background on Fran O'Brien's treatment by the Hilton here.]