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Mike Murphy Beach

Well, at least some communities in this country put their money where their mouth is when it comes to honoring our troops.  Brookhaven-Patchogue, New York is where Lt. Michael Murphy grew up, and it was where he was buried last summer after having died in a firefight between his 4 man SEAL reconnaissance element and an estimated 80 taliban in Kunar, Afghanistan. 

Mike was awarded the Silver Star for his actions in that battle which I described somewhat in this post at FR.  Admiral Maguire the Commander Naval Special Warfare Command, added some more details in a speech he gave to dedicate the beach in Mike's honor.  Mike had been a lifeguard at the beach after he graduated from the local high school in 1994.  Many of Mike's brothers from SDVT1 flew out from Hawaii to join the Admiral and the residents of Brookhaven to honor a true American hero that hardly anyone outside the milblogosphere has even heard of. 

That's the important thing about honoring heroes in this way.  That memorial will stand in that park for time immemorial, and will serve as an ispiration to thousands of Americans young and old.  It is a shame that this kind of honor is not being bestowed upon hundreds of other deserving warriors who when asked by their country if they would be willing to serve said, "Send me."

Hooyah, Mike Murphy!  Hooyah, Brookhaven-Patchogue, New York!

P.s. If you want to do your own tribute to Mike, you can try to do his Crossfit workout:

1 mile run

100 pull ups

200 push ups

300 squats

1 mile run

Oh yeah, don't forget to wear body armor...with the plates!

Froggy OUT