Memorial Day - Sergeant Rafael Peralta
John Murtha is a disgrace- Uncle J TV

Memorial Day - Round Ups


Chris Michel at wants to take back Memorial Day.

...Even more surprising is that this disappointing trend hasn’t ebbed since the Long War began more than four years ago.  Today the solemnity once associated with this day should be closer to the surface.  Our nation is at war, which is to say our friends, family, and neighbors are fighting.  Some of them do not make it home.  In recent years, too many Americans have been personally touched by the sacrifice of battle.  But the unfortunate reality is that for most people, the war remains a distant concept, something that happens on TV...

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Smash has a round up of posts based on his visits to the graves of our veterans.  The links below are from MilBloggers taking part in Smash's intent to honor the Fallen:

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Some Soldier's Mom posts about Commander Kirk T. Walsh

More to follow...

The Will To Exist honors Marine Lance Corporal Jeremy Bohlman.

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