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Leaks, Leaks, and more Leaks

Leak Watch

Apparently the new list of legal interrogation techniques for use on DOD detainees has been completed, but has not been released...yet.  According to the LA Times, there is some controversy in Congress regarding different sets of methods for different kinds of detainees.  Not surprisingly, the Administration is arguing for a harsher set of tools to use on unlawful combatants like for instance Al Qaeda terrorists that have neither signed nor obey the Geneva Convention (video taped decapitations of civilians is actually a violation-who'd a guessed?). 

Of course, limp wristed liberals, Bush haters, and aspiring '08 Presidential candidates are "concerned" about this development, and seek a uniform standard for treatment of detainees.  Oh, and they want that standard released to the public so as to cover their a$$es, despite the obvious value of such information to our enemies.  According to the Times, the State Department is pushing for the public release of these interrogation techniques, and I'm certain that not a few Senators are as well.  So far, the document remains classified, but it is difficult to imagine liberals with access to it keeping their pieholes shut.

It is unlikely that the Bush Administration is going to accede to requests to declassify the list so I suppose that leaves Bush haters and "liberals of conscience" no choice but to leak it to the Wapo or NYT.  I wonder how long that will take?

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