Memorial Day - Round Ups
Both sides should be Pro-Victory

John Murtha is a disgrace- Uncle J TV

The bedrock of American justice is that all are innocent until proven guilty. Well John Murtha has repealed that protection for the Marines in Iraq and now serves as judge, jury and I guess executioner. He has foregone fairness and even decency in taking leaked information from an unfinished investigation and proclaiming not just guilt but a cover up.

This man has lost any claim on respect and has done irreparable harm to our efforts overseas and the safety of all our military. You are a swine Mr. Murtha and this shameful betrayal will forever be your legacy.

I have a look at the implications of shooting non-combatants that will be up tomorrow. In the meantime check Uncle J TV for a Murtha beatdown that somehow stayed PG-13. Although if this keeps up I feel an HBO- style F-bomb-a-thon coming on.