Photos of SSG Russell Lee Klika
Washington Post Anti-War Reporter *gasp* Slams "Home of the Brave"

Iowahawk finds Ranger School pic

I  am not piling on, seriously.

I just wanted to acknowledge true funny. I play my funny Ha Ha games now and then, but this pipe-smokin' assassin is the pure ass heat.

Iowahawk presents Guest Prevaricator- Jesse "ROTN" (bonus for ref) MacBethDebarge

His hyper-elite Ranger class photo, looks like he was maybe 3rd Group not 3rd Batt. By the way I declined all efforts to send me to Ranger school. Two reasons:

I knew how to patrol, and it sounded really, really hard.

Oh and a third, the Special Forces tab is already much longer than the Ranger one so c'mon, like I'm going hungry for that.