What makes a shooting a massacre?
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I get moonbats

Boy you do one rant about presumption of innocence and write one piece about the legalities of shooting non-combatants and the love starts flowing.

My rant about Murtha at YouTube got a rousing response from my progressive fan club like:

You are an idiot and and chickens**t.

Go f**k yourself you balding fat f**k. You have no idea what it means to be an American..s**t for brains.

The guy in the video is objectively pro child-murder. It's time to dust off an old epithet- BABYKILLER.

While I appreciate the complete ignorance it takes to conflate my call for a trial with support for slaughter, the previous toads pale in comparison with this creative genius.

Uncle J,

I see you have greeted the tedious malaise of fatness, balding and middle-age with a fallacious melange of none-too-critical thinking. Bravo you inspipid moron.

My Riposte:

Tedious malaise & fallacious melange,

Don't send me your rejected Cure lyrics or I will start making fun of you, and I figger you have already used up what qualifies as your ammo.


Uncle J

Then back at madison.com I gained a friend who managed 17 posts in the 8 hours since he registered, starting with a blow by blow restating of the Time article, which apparently is the highest form of fact in the universe, plus he takes a swipe at Matt.

I will note that your justification for the massacre has been republished on Blackfive.net, a so-called "milblog" that censors opposing comments. Censorship is an act of cowardice, as is your justification for murder and the personal attack on Rep. Murtha, who has done nothing but tell the truth. You should be ashamed, but something tells me that's not a realistic prospect.

At least he's bright enough to note I am unlikely to be shamed, and I really like the so-called "milblog" swipe, because renowned chickenhawk Matty O'Blackfive is the king of all poseurs. But my troll has more.

I've been asking myself why the marines called in the airstrikes that dropped the 500-pound bombs on some of the houses that night. The answer might lie in that phony press release issued the day after the massacre. Recall that it attributed some of the civilian deaths to the effects of the IAD.

Could it be that the airstrikes were called in for the purpose of obscuring the cause of the civilian deaths?

WHAT? Now he's even confusing me. The Marines dropped bombs to obscure the results of the massacre but missed? And then they issued a press release? And I guess he agrees it wasn't a massacre since the deaths are attributed to the Marines IAD or immediate action drill. Next he takes on one of the truth-based community who questioned whether we had to take Time's word as gospel.

TheNewGuy, were you at Guadalcanal? How do you know a battle took place? Were you at Pearl Harbor? How do you know it was attacked? Were you in New York? How do you know the WTC towers were hit? Then you really "know" nothing. Although your faith in Fox News (they've never gotten a story wrong) is noted.

Not that I don't enjoy pimp-slapping these clowns, I do I really do, but DAG they are out in force. Must be global warming I guess.