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Home of the Brave

Home_of_the_braveI've mentioned to all of my friends and family, that Homeo of the Brave:  Honoring the Unsung Heroes in the War on Terror is a must read.  It will be available on May 16th...that's tomorrow.

I mentioned on Pundit Review that critics will hate it, but people that love the Someone You Should Know series will absolutely love it.  In fact, many of the heroes in Home of the Brave will be known to readers of MilBlogs.

There are nineteen heroes featured by Cap Weinberger and Wyn Hall.  They represent all services and are among the highest decorated individuals from the War on Terror.

Right out of the gate, Home of the Brave talks about the heroism of Captain Brian Chontosh, featured here via this blog and via radio, whose Marine team slid into a trench full of Iraqi Soldiers during the invasion, using enemy weapons after they ran out of ammo.  Rafael Peralta is featured there too.  Peralta, a Mexican immigrant who enlisted in the Marines, was hit by enemy fire and then used his body to absorb the blast of an enemy grenade to save his fellow Marines.  And Sergeant Leigh Ann Hester, the first woman to receive the Silver Star since WWII, is included too.

Cap Weinberger and Wynton Hall do more than just retell these tales of heroism, they interview the survivors of the engagements and their family and friends, and they put humanity into words like valor and courage...

If you are regular visitor of Blackfive and MilBlogs, you will love Home of the Brave.