50 Greatest Conservative Rock Songs.....What?
Memorial Day, Part 2

El Debarge not much of a forger either

Allah asks and we deliver.Macbethdischarge Is this our little clown's discharge paperwork?

The answer is EL NO! The first and disqualifying lameness is Ranger Qualified Qualifyed under primary specialty, misspelled and inappropriate for that block.

I am calling the game there and I am sure we will have 71 Limas galore clerk debunking this pathetic rag.

And I speak as a serial document forger, OMG I shudder to think at the vast quantity of leave papers, and liberty passes and badges I made over the years to further the cause of freedom, justice and the American Way.

I still occasionally do the deed as when me and Ebo ambushed George Galloway for some quite entertaining discourse using fake but accurate homemade press credentials.

Anyhow back to flaquito, this is simply more of the same kindergarten quality posing.