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Did General Pace Cover Up Haditha?

Via Fuzzilicious Thinking, John Murtha smears Marine General Peter Pace:

ABC News:  Murtha: Marine Murder in Iraq?
..."That's what we're trying to find out," he said. "It goes right up the chain of command right up to General Pace. … Did he know about it? Did he cover it up? I'm sure he didn't, but we need to find out."...

First, the headline is wrong.  Murtha is not asking a question.  He's telling everyone that he can talk to that the Marines committed murder. 

Next, he's a seasoned politician and expert at smearing people.  Notice how he takes a swipe at the Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs and then softens the blow?

It's difficult to fight the likes of Murtha on this ground - (1) the Marines will be tried and the court will decide guilt or innocence but Murtha's already staked out the guilty ground and (2) he has access to mass media - This Week had two segments about Haditha.  Two.  Segments.

What to do about it?

Support Diana Irey - she's taking on John Murtha for his congressional seat.

And keep abreast of what the Marines have been doing in Haditha.  Most of you won't be surprised to find out that they don't go on rampages...

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