John Murtha is a disgrace- Uncle J TV
bill Roggio in Kabul

Both sides should be Pro-Victory

    Day by day, fix your eyes upon the greatness of Athens, until you become filled with the love of her; and when you are impressed by the spectacle of her glory, reflect that this empire has been acquired by men who knew their duty and had the courage to do it.” - Thucydides, The Funeral Speech for Pericles

Owen West has an Op-Ed in the New York Times:


...Soldiers are sick of apologizing for a sliver of malcontents who are not at all representative of the new breed. But they are also sick of being pitied. Our warriors are the hunters, not the hunted, and we should celebrate them as we did in the past, for while our tastes have changed, warfare — and the need to cultivate national guardians — has not...

It's worth your time to read.  Our guardians know their duty and have the courage to do it. 

Do our leaders?

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