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We all lost a Brother Today

Blackfive TV and Atwar Bahjat update

Just to straighten things out the mighty Instapundit announced the launch of Blackfive TV and linked to my rant at YouTube. This confused some people who thought I was Blackfive. I'm not, Matt/Blackfive is a much prettier man than I who is often found in mint green garb.Blackfive_1  Now as I mentioned before Blackfive TV is under discussion and development, W_jimbo_cropped and demand is off the hook. So stay tuned, HA that's a TV thing or radio but we will crush radio.

Uncle J                                         Matty O' Blackfive

Now that we have the identities straight, here is episode two of the show that may soon be on Blackfive TV, which the mighty Prof. Reynolds linked to. I liked his quote "Be very afraid" Oh Yeah! The Insta-love and some others including Jonah at The Corner have put my little rant in the top 100 at YouTube, right on and mil gracias there ammeegers.

In the Crosshairs- Atwar Bahjat's Killers

Next Greyhawk emails with some additional info about this incident and the ID of the victim. It looks like the ID was correct, but even if it wasn't her, it was someone and I hate the killers equally regardless.