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Letter from Drunky MacScotchy - Have you tried these scotches?

Blackfivedoughboyr_1 Hi-

Drunky MacScotchy here wondering if anyone has tried any *hic * of the three Jon, Mark and Robbo's Scotches.

Jon and Mark Geary and David "Robbo" Robertson, former Master Distller for the most excellent Macallan (almost convinced Mrs. Blackfive, err, MacScotchy, to name our daughter Macallan) started blending their own whiskeys.  And Jon, Mark and Robbo have, of course, a blog.

Their best scotch appears to be called "The Smokey Peaty One" and is Islay in nature - which would probably make me, Tim Oren of Due Dilligence and Straight White Guy happy.

"The Rich Spicey One" with tastes from Speyside would probably appeal to the Laughing Wolf and Armed Liberal.

"The Smooth Sweeter One" might appeal to some - but I think it might be heresy.  Being both Irish and Scottish has it's advantages (think enormous liver) but blending the two types into one whiskey doesn't sound appealing to me...

So, if anyone tries these, please let me know in the Comments.  They sound interesting enough to try. 

But I'll never abandon my Lagavulins, Laphroaigs, or Caol Ilas...