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Anti-war poseur fronted out at Hot Air

The mighty Allah at Hot Air asked if this anti-war video was fake, and the answer is OH YEAH!

This spindly little weasel wouldn't have made it through 10 seconds of RIP, let alone Ranger school or life in a Ranger Batt. The pic on his wall shows the wrong t-shirt, wrong sleeves roll, wrong flash, this boy is so many flavors of wrong I can't keep up.

Just another deluded loser disrepsecting his betters. Be kinda fun to meet little bird-cage chest man in a bar as he is tellin' his war stories, eh?

Blackfive note:  Rather than have two posts about this I'll post my comments below (sorry Jimbo, for busting in on your post):

Allah Pundit at Hot Air, with the help of Travis and some of us MilBloggers, is debunking a video where a wannabe claims he executed 200 Iraqis as a Ranger per orders.

Check out his uniform in his official photo at the beginning of the segment...this guy is a POS.

For starters, this guy's demeanor is all wrong.  But look at the uniform.  Wrong beret flash, no unit insignia, and the sleeves are rolled up incorrectly (sorry Marines).


For everyone's info actual Ex Spec Ops types on YouTube look older and lumpier than this little punk.

Habu Uncle J telling stories at least 50% more truthful than little El Debarge wannabe.