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When a Chicago Cub Saved the Flag

Wow, I didn't know all this was happening around a simple act of decency by a Chicago Cub.

Michelle Malkin - "...Chicago Cubs outfielder Rick Monday of the Chicago Cubs, who snatched an American flag at the Dodger Stadium Outfield in Los Angeles, on April 25, 1976 --in order to prevent the punks from burning it."

Go check out the photo (very cool) and the links.

Update:  Via the most excellent Wizbang! is this link to the MLB story and Monday's thoughts about that day:

..."The letters I've received from that day have run the gamut of emotions. They've been from children who were not born yet and had only heard about it. They've been from Vietnam veterans, including one yesterday. This soldier wrote that there were two things that he had with him in two tours of Vietnam. These two things kept him in check with reality. One was a small picture of his wife. The other was a small American flag that was neatly folded. The picture was folded inside the flag and in the left breast pocket of his uniform.

"He would be in mud for weeks and months at a time. Those two things were what he looked at to connect him with reality, other than his buddies, and some of them were lost in battle. He wrote in the letter, 'Thanks for protecting what those of us who were in Vietnam held onto dearly.'

"That means something, because this wasn't just a flag on the field. This was a flag that people looked at with respect. We have a lot of rights and freedoms -- not to sound corny -- but we all have the option if we don't like something to make it better. Or you also have the option, if you don't like it, [to] pack up and leave. But don't come onto the field and burn an American flag."...