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The Milblog Conference

Okay, I've got a lot say about the MilBlog conference this weekend.  It's going to take a bit to get something put together - however, I'll say that I was extremely impressed by all of the bloggers in attendence.  A few really stand out in my mind from the panels - Steve Schippert from on the first panel and Fred from In Iraq for 365 on the blogging from theater panel.  Fred, aka sminklemeyer, a former staff sergeant and combat journalist,  held his ground against the uber alpha male, Colonel David Hunt

In the meantime, you should check out the podcast from Charlie and John of Op-ForUncle Jimbo, Smash, myself, John and Charlie, and Chuck discuss a few topics like we were in a pub instead of at a conference.  The quality varies, but Chuck and Uncle Jimbo have some of the best one-liners and are worth the time to hear...

Experiences from the conference so far:

Argghhh!!! has pictures... and here's a roundup of what happened.

From My Position...On the way!

Steve Schippert

Andi's World

Sgt Hook who wasn't really there but still dead-on about what happened.

And a huge thank you to the amazing Andi of Andi's World.  Andi single-handedly put this conference together, weathered much trouble, politics, and schedules to make this conference the largest attended blogger conference yet.

More later...

Lashawn Barber

Euphoric Reality One, Two, Three

GunnNutt One, Two, Three

Capt B at One Marine's View

Grim's Hall


The War Tapes has posts on the conference as well.

Still more...

I was able to have a great conversation with Mark Seavey...I had wanted to shake his hand for a long time.  Very nice guy, very sharp.  I think the Vets for Freedom guys are going to do some very good things.

Someone from Hot Air was taking pictures at the conference.  He took one picture of me watching the third panel, then went for another.  Annoyed, I asked him who he worked for...he said a new media site.  Since his badge indicated that he wasn't registered I was suspicious.  Turns out, Hot Air is a Michelle Malkin venture.

Melinda at Most Certainly Not has an interesting post about journalism and milblogging in reference to the conference.

Fuzzilicious was a darling and we repeatedly thanked her for her work on Valour IT.  Here's her post about meeting up at Fran's.