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The Message I Understand, The Oath I Swore

Subsunk here. A couple of folks have brought this to my attention. Some things in our country seem confused right now. How politics plays out in our national defense has always irritated me a bit, but I recognized there was not much I could do about it. Besides, my Pentagon job had lots of discussions about "posse comitatus" reviews and I had become educated a small bit by this to realize our military plays almost no role in defense of our country inside the 50 state boundaries.

Sure, we train here, we live here, but we are not allowed to detain, arrest, spy on, or otherwise impinge upon the rights of people inside the US unless first asked to provide technical expertise in support of a law enforcement agency (obviously we can on federal property). That includes the local sheriff. He can ask for help of the local garrison if he needs it. He won't get it unless the post commander has the time and resources to render, but he can ask.

A lot of what has happened the last 4 or 5 years has been frustrating to me. I was commissioned a month before Ronald Reagan was inaugurated. I lived with radical Islam poking my country in the ankle with a stick my entire adult life. I have seen how there are many (not a few, despite what W, Abu Sinan, liberals and the press say) Muslims who wish us harm. Period, no ifs, ands, or buts. I see our press treat them as special cases, deserving special treatment as if they have been oppressed by America in the way Blacks were oppressed before the Civil War (or as my great aunt used to say, the War of Northern Aggression). I see the press using their unchecked powers to propagandize against anyone who supports war, whether it is for a noble cause, self defense, or even in the name of prevention of genocide. They have turned logic on its head.

Their actions, whether they mean them to or not, damage the credibility of the United States, drain the will of the American people to fight for their own survival, and hinder, obfuscate, and occlude the clear vision required to see the Enemy for who and what he is.

And a post which demonstrates to me the horrifying possibilities of this failure of all to see that which I see trumpeted daily from the press, the facts "twisted by Knaves to make a trap for Fools", the words of the imams ignored as the speech of those who need to pacify their masses with the blood of Americans, is found here.

I swore an oath and reaffirmed it several times over my life. "I will uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign AND domestic" rings in my head every time I see lies in print. Lies I know to be untrue. And lies I just believe to be untrue. I know how to defend against foreign enemies. We do so with technology, force of arms, and the willpower, training, and professionalism of the United States Armed Forces. Until now, I knew not how to defend the Constitution against domestic enemies because I had always been told it was forbidden for me to use those tools inside America. Only law enforcement agencies have that right. So what good is my oath?

There are surely domestic enemies amongst us. They are found wherever you find words that America is evil. America is wrong. America is out for "oil, power and land". And their tools are the MSM, the politics of inverted logic and spin, and the determined will to see their power increased despite the fact that America will be defeated because of them. Until now, I had no way to fight them.

So I urge you to read The Message. I urge you to say something the next time someone tells you this war is lost, it is not worth fighting, or that our leaders popularity is fading because they began a war, not because they are not fighting it hard enough. Read between the lines of the MSM articles, find the spin and decipher it, read the raw data provided by bloggers everywhere that there were evil men who wanted to do us harm and still want to do us harm. And, hopefully, soon, we will have more voices on the ground who will be able to provide us the facts, the stories and the Truth to allow us to make up our own minds who is right.

Now that I am retired, I must fight the domestic enemies of the USA, with the only tools I have. In the absence of perfect information, we must make decisions based on what we know. But make those decisions we must. And speak up loudly and frequently in defense of our Country, our Constitution, and our Lives.

We can rest when we're dead. Evil doesn't take a holiday. And you can't push a rope --- it has to be pulled behind those who lead.

Thanks to Mr. Simmons, Beth*A and Chapomatic for the thought provoking emails and articles.

Subsunk Out.