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The face of war?

In case anyone wondered where the LA Times stands on the war, they made it Lat_cover_wounded_soldier brutally obvious with their front page this weekend. They make all the usual excuses and justify their sad action with "the public has a right to know", sure they do. And I assume the public has a need to see pictures of rape victims, and obviously every Sept. 11th they publish photos of the people jumping from the Twin Towers. The LA Times wouldn't have one policy for their blatant attacks on the Iraq war and another for everything else would they?

It is amazing to me that most every day the media offers a brilliant example of why they have lost our trust, our respect and more and more, our attention. The number of people who trust the information they get from the MSM plummets and they counteract that by acting as disgraceful partisans. But unfortunately they still serve as information brokers to far too many in America and around the world.

The Armed Liberal over at Winds of Change quotes Basil Liddell-Hart about the most important problem with that.

"The aim of a nation in war is to subdue the enemy's will to resist, with the least possible human and economic loss itself . . .The destruction of the enemy's armed forces is but a means--and not necessarily an inevitable or infallible one--to the attainment of the real objective."

The bulk of America has been lied to about every single aspect of the War in Iraq and the War on Islamism generally. Any poll taken will reflect the mistaken notion that the war is a quagmire, perpetrated on lies, poorly planned and executed, and destroying our military. And yet as Greyhawk notes:

We're 3+ years into Iraq; most of the privates, specialists, and lieutenants (and equivalent ranks in other branches) joined post-invasion. Many current E5's and O3's joined post-9/11. And retention - those signing on for additional tours - is high. In fact, there are damn few enlisted troops serving in any branch of the military now that didn't either enlist or re-enlist post 9/11.

Of course, these annoying facts won't stop some folks from insisting morale is low, the Army is broken, etc etc etc...

There is no doubt in my mind that far too many in the MSM have lost any ability they may have had to report honestly or fairly about the war or the military. I would be sad if I didn't have a cunning plan to address this problem. I will be cryptic today, but expect to be more forthcoming later this week. We cannot let the lies and focus on carnage by the MSM be the only message America hears. We can lose this war and that would be a tremendous shame. Perception is reality, and currently the tales of woe are getting the front page. For some reason I keep hearing "Fight the Power" by Public Enemy running through my head, that's gotta mean something.

                             - Uncle J