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The face of war?

Sunday Quick Hits

Jill Carroll:

I've said nothing thus far and will only interrupt myself to say, nothing said under threat of death counts, and shame on anyone who said otherwise.

Feingold, Censure, and the FISA courts:

I actually watched some of the testimony by the former judges about the President's use of NSA surveillance and there is almost no doubt the President was fully and completely enabled and even compelled to conduct it. None of them, who served on FISA, could see how the statute over rode his inherent authority to surveill our enemies. Feingold's notion is a sad joke.

Borders event rescheduled:

The weather here was too crap for me to go confront the forces of Islamism. I know I know, and yes I am a sissy. I don't care. Tuesday looks nice and I have a fun game to play then so back up off my tip.

The most excellent rock video ever, actually this will be more fun to spring on my progressive readers at, but y'all should enjoy it too.