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Someone You Should Know Update - MSG. Sarun Sar

Master Sgt. Sarun Sar takes a break while conducting combat operations in Eastern Afghanistan.  Photo from story by Sergeant Tim Meyer.  Credit Master Sergeant Sarun Sar.

Ralph Bennet has written a great report about the actions of Master Sergeant Sarun Sar.  (He is listed in the Someone You Should Know Index.)

Here's a taste of his article:

...Sar, Cambodian born, with a ready smile and a gentle demeanor that belies his toughness, reacted immediately.  He charged toward the huts and the scattered muzzle flashes of the Taliban weapons, lifting his knees high to negotiate the deep snow as he ran uphill.  He could hear bullets whizzing past him.

M/Sgt Sar had his M-4 carbine set on semi-automatic, choosing his single shots carefully.  He knew the area from many patrols.  He didn’t want to hit any of the civilians whose confidence he and his men had worked so long and so hard to win...

You can read the whole piece here.