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April 2006

Feingold descends into the fever swamp

OK first to the Milwaukee tire-slashing punks, Mwah- HA HA! I figgered probation,Feingold_on_the_road  but no send 'em to jail and remind folks that votes are sacred. Ain't that right Dems?

And the Dem clown car just keeps emptying as Russ Feingold leaps with both feet into the fever swamp with an ad accusing the President of spying on domestic political opponents. He has a new group called Progressive Patriots and in a shameless ploy for publicity, bad or otherwise he puts out an ad with a Rove figure telling W to toss the Constitution.

Here is your hero's hit piece progressives. If this is what you have to offer, prepare for a long exile from power. It's one thing to disagree with the President's policies, it's another to be fundamentally incapable of understanding or responding to a real threat. Transcript:

Advisor: So Mr. President, how's our commander in chief feeling these days?

President (off-screen):  Yeah, I'm fine, fine.

Advisor: Oh, you're a lot better than fine.  The war's over like you said.  Missions accomplished Georgie baby.

President (off screen): Huh?

Advisor: I'm sorry, that probably doesn't seem appropriate for the king of the United States.  Yes I said "King."  Think about it.

The entire sad tale of a court jester I voted for, although honestly if there had been a chance to beat him I would'na.

BlogAds Survey Results

Here are the results from BlogAds Survey that some of you participated in (thank you!)...

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Brian Chontosh on Pundit Review

Someone You Should Know - Brian Chontosh...

Give a listen.  Kevin and Greg discuss the absence of Captain Chontosh, arguably one of the bravest heroes so far in the War on Terror, in the media.  Blogs, one local newspaper piece about Chontosh, and Rich Lowry in the NRO are the only places that you'd find out about him...and there's one more place.  I'll discuss that one soon.

*I'll be on Sunday night at 9PM EST*

Tony Snow & Uncle J make a deal


The bar at Fran O'Brien's Steak House
Closing Time last night
Tony Snow and Uncle J share a last beverage

TS: You know Uncle J, I was a little worried about this gig as W's official liar. I mean just defending the President's policies fairly gets you no where. It's countering the lies and misrepresentations of the press that is the challenge.

But I have to admit I have seen a marked improvement in their behavior since you started guest hosting the pressers, and the field trips with Chuck D and Griff have really made an impact.

UJ: Thanks Tony, the thing to remember is that you are dealing with a pack of jackals. They infight constantly to see which is top vermin, and once one has a big chunk of meat the others pile on and rip it to shreds.

They do respect power though, and now they have that element of fear/respect for your office re-established, you should have some fun. Plus you're following Scott "Cheesy Mac" McClellan, so you look good just walkin' in.

TS: So what's next with your cunning plan.

UJ: Well T, since I feel comfortable you can handle these wankers for the short term. I am gonna focus on getting the excellent reporting from non-MSM sources in front of the public. We have some momentum, but we have to get on more radar screens and there is a lot of clutter out there. That's the nice thing about these internets, big equalizer, I mean Michelle Malkin is runnin' CNN out of her freakin' basement. Don't think Uncle J TV is far behind my friend. I kinda figger something like Dennis Miller's rants from his HBO show with out all the self-loathing and angst, followed up with webcam interviews and other craziness. I will advise.

The rest back at Uncle J's nascent media empire

A Letter To Hilton's CEO

I have just finished my letter to Hilton's chairman and ceo, and thought I would share it with all of you.

Mr. Stephen F. Bollenbach Chairman and CEO Hilton Hotels Corporation 9336 Civic Center Drive Beverly Hills, CA 90210


Enclosed are the remains of my Hilton honors card, and notice of termination of my account (#redacted).

My cancellation comes as a result of the treatment of Fran O'Brien's at the Capital Hilton, and the callous disregard shown them and the disabled veterans whom they treat as family. Indeed, having read the latest spin campaign (http://getonthe.blogspot.com/2006/04/giving-credit-where-credit-is-due.html) wherein Matt Hard and Marc Grossman engage in the - to be polite - disingenuous smear of failure to pay rent, it is clear that honor is only word for the Hilton Corporation. Such disgusting and despicable tactics, sadly, are hardly surprising at this point given a response that has ranged from feeble to a general manager who greeted the wounded veterans for the first time only when the cameras were rolling and the heat was on.

Know that I plan to give my business to any competitor rather than stay in any Hilton, Hilton Garden Inn, Homewood Suites, Hampton Inn and/or Suites, Embassy Suites, Doubletree, Conrad, or other property owned or controlled by the Hilton Corporation. Know also that I am encouraging my employer, clients, family, friends, business colleagues, and any others I can influence to do the same.

Even were you to intercede and do what is right at the last minute, I would have no faith or confidence that such an action would be real, or would hold, given the abhorrent behavior shown to date.

If they don't like the language, they do not want to hear how I am phrasing it where I am not trying to behave for polite company...

My card did make a nice bit of statuary though...

LW Hhgbye

When a Chicago Cub Saved the Flag

Wow, I didn't know all this was happening around a simple act of decency by a Chicago Cub.

Michelle Malkin - "...Chicago Cubs outfielder Rick Monday of the Chicago Cubs, who snatched an American flag at the Dodger Stadium Outfield in Los Angeles, on April 25, 1976 --in order to prevent the punks from burning it."

Go check out the photo (very cool) and the links.

Update:  Via the most excellent Wizbang! is this link to the MLB story and Monday's thoughts about that day:

..."The letters I've received from that day have run the gamut of emotions. They've been from children who were not born yet and had only heard about it. They've been from Vietnam veterans, including one yesterday. This soldier wrote that there were two things that he had with him in two tours of Vietnam. These two things kept him in check with reality. One was a small picture of his wife. The other was a small American flag that was neatly folded. The picture was folded inside the flag and in the left breast pocket of his uniform.

"He would be in mud for weeks and months at a time. Those two things were what he looked at to connect him with reality, other than his buddies, and some of them were lost in battle. He wrote in the letter, 'Thanks for protecting what those of us who were in Vietnam held onto dearly.'

"That means something, because this wasn't just a flag on the field. This was a flag that people looked at with respect. We have a lot of rights and freedoms -- not to sound corny -- but we all have the option if we don't like something to make it better. Or you also have the option, if you don't like it, [to] pack up and leave. But don't come onto the field and burn an American flag."...

Fran O'Brien's Secret

Many people have gotten involved and written/communicated with the Hilton Corporation in support of Hal and Marty of Fran O'Brien's.  Here's just two:

I know both Andi and Leslie personally.  They are some of the biggest hearted and intelligent people you could meet.  Below is some of what Andi would like for us to do (i.e. do it!!!):

Thank you for the literally thousands of e-mails generated to the management of the Hilton Hotels Corporation on behalf of Fran O'Brien's  Stadium Steakhouse and the troops. You were so effective that they closed the e-mail addresses we published. You can still reach them  through the Hilton Honors website -
[email protected].

And another way you can help.

Thanks for spreading the word on Fran O'Brien's Steak House dilemma. I work at Fran O'Brien's and assist with the donations for the Friday Night Dinners for our wounded heroes. We would like to list the correct address for "The Aleethia Foundation" where charitable donations can be sent.

The Aleethia Foundation
1718 M Street NW
Suite 1170
Washington DC 20036

Thanks again.

The Hilton is playing a masterful game.  Personally, I am convinced that the Hilton's professional and caring reaction is a complete smokescreen.  And it seems to be working somewhat.  If they really gave a rat's ass about Fran's, this would have ceased to have become the issue it is.

I wrote this about Fran's in trying to explain to those who believe that it's simply a business decision:

Again, simply put, it would not be the same environment as Fran O'Brien's.  Most of you get it.  After all, that's why you're here reading this blog.  But a lot of people don't.  Or they take the easy road where they rationalize a business decision.

And, the fact that there are Vietnam Vets running the op pretty much seals the deal for me.  I owe 'em.  They did a hell of job and they're still serving their country - small spheres of influence again.

So.  You can disagree with me, examine leases, talk big business talk all you want.  Maybe it's about ADA issues (probably is), maybe not.

For me, it's personal.  It's damn personal.  While I hope that this can be resolved for everyone's benefit (especially our wounded troops), I doubt that the Hilton Corporation understands the reaction that they are going to cause.

I doubt that they see it coming...

Well, I think that they see it coming now and the spinmeisters are out in force.  However, they still don't get it.  See Mudville for more to the story.  They think that they can treat our wounded guys like heroes and it will solve everything.  Wrong.

Hal and Marty do not, I repeat DO NOT, treat our wounded as heroes.

I can hear some of you gasping in surprise.

Hal and Marty do not treat our men and women as heroes.  They do much better for those who gave us so much and are away from their units, their hometowns, their friends recovering from their wounds.

Hal and Marty treat our wounded troops like family.

And that's something that the corporate suits at HILTON won't understand.