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Letter to the Marines

A twelve year-old boy in Houston would like his message to reach the Marines fighting in Iraq.  Feel free to pass this on.  If you know of any Marines who would like to respond, send me an email from a military address and I will send you Marc's snail mail address.

March 21, 2006

Dear U.S. Marines,

My name is Marc Macias I am very happy and proud that all of the Marines are fighting for the United States of America. I am always thinking about you and how brave you all are to be fighting in IRAQ. Is it possible that the Marines, Army, Navy and AirForce go to IRAQ together? I know that all the Marines will win the war and I am proud that all you soliders would give your lives just to defend our country and that really means a lot to me. I hope all you soldiers will get home safely. I just want to know how you all are doing and not giving up because Miracles happen every day and you all will win the war because I know you’re the best!


Marc Macias

Thanks to Peyton for the relay.