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Headstone for Casey Sheehan

Many of you have asked how we could help to purchase a proper (in our opinion) headstone for Casey Sheehan.  Legally, we can't just put a headstone on someone's grave.  Read on...

Cindy Sheehan recently made a statement about why the grave of Casey Sheehan  is without a headstone:

I will tell the world why Casey has no marker yet. In the first place,   does anyone who is attacking me know how Casey was brought home from   Iraq? We picked him up in the United loading dock in a cardboard box and   he was off-loaded into a hearse without one honor guard. We had to wait   for about a half hour on a curb near the United freight area for his one   escort, who rode from Dover Air Force Base in a seat, while Casey was   treated as an over-sized piece of luggage. Has anybody held her other   sobbing children who are sitting on a curb in San Francisco, waiting for   the remains of their big brother to be carried over to the dock by a   forklift?
We had a Casualty   Officer who abandoned us when our mortuary refused to pay the cemetery   and told us that the "government sent the money to the mortuary, so now     it is your problem. You may have to sue the mortuary." Our government   discards and dishonors its own...

I have no doubt that Cindy loves and misses her son, Casey, and that she has become, understandably, a bit unhinged after his death.  It seems that her reason for not placing a headstone is because she doesn't want to believe that her son is gone.

However, Casey will soon have a marker because his father is taking over arrangements...Details at Legacy Matters.  Frankly, I'm glad that there will be something more lasting than the frothing machinations of his mother to mark his passing.

What will Cindy do then?