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Generals or Sour Grapes

Well, I'm a few weeks behind in my milblog reading.  So, I was reading Outlaw13's review of of Cobra II (which I whole-heartedly concur with) and found an interesting dialogue happening.  First from Outlaw13's Guidons, Guidons, Guidons - I Like My Grapes Sour - the last sentence is said with a bit of sarcasm:

...Of all people a retired General should know that you shouldn't conduct a public AAR in the middle of an operation. What possible good did they expect to come of this? The goal is obvious, they want to rid us of that devil Rumsfeld...

Outlaw13 passes the torch to ROFASix who posts MG Eaton Blasts Rumsfeld and has this to say:

Paul Eaton and I were platoon leaders together in a mechanized infantry battalion a million years ago. The last time I spoke with him he was the Commandant at the Infantry School at Ft. Benning, wearing two stars. Not bad from a boy from Oklahoma. Soon after, he was tapped to take over training of the nascent Iraqi Army.

In April 2004, Iraqi security forces failed their first big test, when about half the police and military forces deserted during rebel uprisings in Fallujah, Najaf, Karbala and elsewhere.

Paul, who was always a plainspoken guy who didn't shirk taking responsibility for his role in the problems...

Read the whole post.  ROFASix points to another favorite blogger of mine, Jason Van Steenwyk at Countercolumn who disputes MG Eaton's claims:

...The General, I suspect, is caught in an outmoded "cold war" way of thinking.
General Eaton seems to be looking into a rear-view mirror. Enlarge the Army? For the fight we've already had? Why? When it's cheaper and more effective to enlarge and train and leverage the Iraqi Army, General, which was the goal all along. If this effort is successful, then the question of enlarging the current Army - an expensive luxury for a Republic already besodden with a growing Medicare and Social Security retirement burden - becomes moot...

Jason makes some very good points.  Be sure to read his comprehensive and excellent post.