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Fran O'Brien's Secret

Many people have gotten involved and written/communicated with the Hilton Corporation in support of Hal and Marty of Fran O'Brien's.  Here's just two:

I know both Andi and Leslie personally.  They are some of the biggest hearted and intelligent people you could meet.  Below is some of what Andi would like for us to do (i.e. do it!!!):

Thank you for the literally thousands of e-mails generated to the management of the Hilton Hotels Corporation on behalf of Fran O'Brien's  Stadium Steakhouse and the troops. You were so effective that they closed the e-mail addresses we published. You can still reach them  through the Hilton Honors website -
[email protected].

And another way you can help.

Thanks for spreading the word on Fran O'Brien's Steak House dilemma. I work at Fran O'Brien's and assist with the donations for the Friday Night Dinners for our wounded heroes. We would like to list the correct address for "The Aleethia Foundation" where charitable donations can be sent.

The Aleethia Foundation
1718 M Street NW
Suite 1170
Washington DC 20036

Thanks again.

The Hilton is playing a masterful game.  Personally, I am convinced that the Hilton's professional and caring reaction is a complete smokescreen.  And it seems to be working somewhat.  If they really gave a rat's ass about Fran's, this would have ceased to have become the issue it is.

I wrote this about Fran's in trying to explain to those who believe that it's simply a business decision:

Again, simply put, it would not be the same environment as Fran O'Brien's.  Most of you get it.  After all, that's why you're here reading this blog.  But a lot of people don't.  Or they take the easy road where they rationalize a business decision.

And, the fact that there are Vietnam Vets running the op pretty much seals the deal for me.  I owe 'em.  They did a hell of job and they're still serving their country - small spheres of influence again.

So.  You can disagree with me, examine leases, talk big business talk all you want.  Maybe it's about ADA issues (probably is), maybe not.

For me, it's personal.  It's damn personal.  While I hope that this can be resolved for everyone's benefit (especially our wounded troops), I doubt that the Hilton Corporation understands the reaction that they are going to cause.

I doubt that they see it coming...

Well, I think that they see it coming now and the spinmeisters are out in force.  However, they still don't get it.  See Mudville for more to the story.  They think that they can treat our wounded guys like heroes and it will solve everything.  Wrong.

Hal and Marty do not, I repeat DO NOT, treat our wounded as heroes.

I can hear some of you gasping in surprise.

Hal and Marty do not treat our men and women as heroes.  They do much better for those who gave us so much and are away from their units, their hometowns, their friends recovering from their wounds.

Hal and Marty treat our wounded troops like family.

And that's something that the corporate suits at HILTON won't understand.