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Can Dana Priest go to jail too, please?

Now, tail end of last year when the existence of SECRET CIA prisons around the world was published by the Washington Post, I had this to say about the writer herself:

She is a one woman wrecking crew doing her level best to eviscerate our ability to conduct covert operations. The anti-W wing at CIA has used her as the tool they needed to ensure that no tactics that wouldn't be appropriate in Elementary School are used against the mass-murdering jihadis....

And this about her sources:

I don't know why Dana Priest feels her obligation to cripple our Intel capabilities, but I hope we track down the disloyal worms feeding her classified info. They could use a little Club Leavenworth time to reflect on their actions. It is easy to sit safe and warm here where no terrorists have hit us for four years and indulge your delicate sensibilities. But the jihadis, while severely beaten down by the very programs she helps destroy, are still trying their damndest to punish all of us. Whether she ever shuts her cakehole or not, those of us able to accurately assess the threat and spineful enough to act against it will keep trucking.

The source, Mary McCarthy, was just fired by the CIA and hopefully will soon be tried and maybe even enjoy a stay wherever the prisons were relocated to.

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