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Foreign Policy after Iraq

The delusions of a tenured whiner at Berkeley

How come when I'm nice to the progressives they counter with crap like this:

Whiny kids become conservatives, self-reliant little artistes become liberals, ....REALLY? If there is a better example of projecting your biases on to a study I haven't seen it. A clown from UC Berkeley running this study (ding) looks at the development of only 100 kids (ding) who are all in day care (ding) in Berkeley (ding) and asks subjective questions about them to care givers and others (ding) and this results in a correlation of .27 (ding) when .6 should be the minimum correlation to be considered more than clutter in a good sample, which this certainly wasn't. My BS-ometer is pinging off the chart. I guess since academia is the only "serious" area where liberals dominate, they feel obligated to prove their worth and lack of self-image with pitiful crap like this. I won't link to it, as they don't merit my consideration. The best quote I heard about this, was " I guess conservatives get their whining done as children, while liberals spend their entire adult lives doing so."

Matty started a brou ha about saluting the flag or hand on heart when not in uniform somehow, while actively engaged in test-firing new Corona commercials, amazing guy eh?

I see it very simply. When I joined the Army I swore an oath to play by the rules. So I saluted when and how I was told, except when it involved new Lieutenants. There is a proper place for all of the traditions and decorum surrounding the rendering of respect to officers and the colors. There is also an inherent requirement to continue to render respect in proper ways once out of the service, BUT there is no longer anyone, outside my head, who can tell me how that should be done. The salute began as a gesture of respect between comrades or contestants at arms. It could be required, while I served, that I salute all officers I encountered, it could be required that I respect their rank, it could not be required that I respect them. Now I choose who and what merits a hand salute and feel comfortable making those calls. I mean no disrespect whatsoever to those who I know are simply asking that customs and courtesies be maintained. I simply feel that the gesture matters less than the respect with which it is rendered, and I agree completely with Buzz Patterson who commented "And with history's lowest percentage of military vs. civilian population it becomes vitally important. This country's non-military need to see it!"

So however you choose to honor the flag, our troops or your comrades, just do it proudly and remind the folks that while everyone has the right to salute the flag, some earned it.

                             - Uncle J