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Student elections stolen- Rove suspected

The UW held it's elections for student government and it seems certain a nefarious plot by the VRWC has been unearthed. They scheme to steal the elections and install Stepford students programmed to do the bidding of the evil Darth Rove and infiltrate the last bastion of right er progressive thinking that remains.

Record turnout overloads system, candidates furious

Election officials halted voting on student government elections and two campus referenda Wednesday after technical errors due to high voter turnout rendered the results invalid.

This is an outrage and shows clearly that the rethugs purposely overloaded the system by registering prisoners from Gitmo as students and then voting a straight fascist ticket.

UW student Nesby Glasgow said "You would have thought that here in Madison we would be safe from Rove, but this shows how scared the Bush crime family is of real democracy."

Graduate assistant in Womyn's Studies Willow Vagina added "The patriarchy violates our political body again in a blatant attempt to force all women to breed armies of brainwashed little Godbots to further the ramifications of the dipulation, allow me to ventilate my colon."

Oops sorry I started channeling Damon Wayans from In Living Color there at the end. Does it make me bad that I am enjoying this?

                                - Uncle J