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Marines Fight With "Six-Packs"

Military is most trusted institution

WASHINGTON, March 7, 2006 – The military continues to be the most admired institution in America, according to the latest Harris Poll.
A total of 47 percent of Americans said they have a "great deal" of confidence in the military. Some 38 percent of Americans said they had "only some" confidence and 14 percent said they had "hardly any" confidence in the military.

Although the number has fluctuated over the years, this has almost always been the case. The fun part is seeing just how disgusted America is with our self-selected elites.

At the bottom of the survey, released March 2, were law firms at 10 percent,

First we kill all the lawyers. Seriously, well we gotta keep a couple alive to translate the law back into English, but then we sterilize them and close  all the law schools. Heck, I'd rather they teach trans-gendered Guatemalan Witch Doctor studies than mint one more legal parasite.

Congress at 10 percent,

I guess that number signifies the market penetration for pork distribution plus the number of family members and straphangers possuming a ride on each Congressional back. No decent person would associate with these vermin without liberal applications of monetary disinfectant.

organized labor at 12 percent,

Back in the robber baron days I think labor unions were a noble thing, now they are a drag on the economy. Their 12% is also an accurate graft + loot distribution number. I have sympathy for all workers and understand that corporations have hardly been good stewards of work forces, but unions are no longer  the answer. I prefer employee ownership.

major companies at 13 percent and the press at 14 percent.

The vaunted impartial and free press comes in at a whopping 14%. I wonder if there is a relationship between all the outrageously biased coverage of the military by that press and the public's disdain for it and continued love for our military. Shooting yourselves in the foot there eh jackals?

Well that was fun, now back to my corporate hack existence.   - Uncle J